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Liver and Gallbladder Flush

by Flint Flintoft © 2006
Revised 2013

The Liver Flush - One of the Best Things You Can Do for Your Body

The liver is the largest organ in our body and perhaps the hardest working, responsible for many functions, including the cleansing of toxins. Many health problems that appear throughout our body can stem from a toxic liver, forming small bile stones that eventually make their way into the gallbladder. These stones are composed mainly of crystallized cholesterol. Removal of the gallbladder is one of the most common surgical operation in most hospitals, and yet this simple age-old recipe can remove stones overnight and restore your health in many, many areas.

Liver and Gallbladder Anatomy

Gallstones were once associated with "older" people but younger people today are also developing gallstones due to poor diet and stressful lifestyles. People in all age groups have benefited from this cleanse with astounding results.

Common Gallstone Symptoms

A weak liver and congested gallbladder can result in many symptoms including:

• depleted immune system • increase in allergies
• poor digestion and constipation • endless fatigue and exhaustion
• front right side pain below the rib cage • poor skin condition
• back pain under the right shoulder blade • emotional outbursts
• weakened eyesight • depression
• weak alcohol tolerance • increased desire for sugar
• tendency to put on weight • debilitating stress on other organs

Removing Gallstones from the Body

Several good websites listed below explain the medical detail regarding cholesterol and gallstone formation. They also include many variations of the same cleansing recipe by Dr. Hulda Clarke. Please check here for background.

The purpose of this page is to provide a simple, safe and effective recipe to cleanse stones, with flexibility for lighter body types.

This recipe has been adapted from several sources after many practical trials. The liquid measures are flexible as a smaller person may require less, a larger person more. The Epsom salt required has been reduced to 1/3 of the original measure. The first time you do this cleanse you'll likely follow the recipe like a pharmaceutical chemist due to the unfamiliar ingredients, but after your first or second flush you'll find you can adjust the ingredients intuitively to suit your body type.

To your health!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Isn't this painful? Where do the stones exit?

A: This cleanse is painless, not to be confused with kidney stones. The gallstones will be coaxed into the small intestine and eliminated through bowel movements.

Pre-Cleanse -- An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away


Start 3 days before your flush to reduce fat and meat intake and include plenty of apples and apple juice. Drink 1 to 2 liters of high quality apple juice each day before the cleanse. Mixing in a few teaspoons of apple cider vinegar each day is also very beneficial. Eat raw apples when you get hungry.
Your liver loves apples! The malic acid in the juice helps to open the bile ducts that run through your liver and begins to soften and release the stones.

The final day before the flush, reduce your fat intake to as close to zero as possible.

Example Schedule

Wednesday, Thursday -- Light diet including salads and plenty of apples and apple juice.

Friday -- Reduce fat intake to zero. No oils, no dressings, no meat, nothing with fat in it. Continue light diet including plenty of apples and apple juice.

Saturday Morning -- Big breakfast to get you through the next 24 hours.

Saturday afternoon after 2 pm -- Don't eat anything -- it's time to fast. Let your digestive system rest completely.

Saturday Evening -- Olive Oil and Lemon Cocktail

Sunday -- Don't plan to go ANYWHERE. You may feel weak and will be busy cleansing.

Sunday afternoon -- Break your fast with juice and fruit, light soup and steamed vegetables. You can eat regularly Sunday evening.

The Liver And Gallbladder Flush

DAY ONE - Morning of the Flush (Saturday example above)

Eat a substantial breakfast to get you through the next 24 hours. You may not feel hungry during the fast but you will need energy. Fruits, vegetables, miso soup, bread and rice are all OK. Eat no fat, oils, butter or mayonnaise at all.

2:00 pm - Stop All Food

Stop eating all food. No snacking at all. Let your digestive system empty and rest completely. Water and herbal teas are recommended through the afternoon. Mint tea and Japanese hojicha are both excellent. A little apple juice, fresh lemonade (with honey) is OK if kept to a MINIMUM. Drink plenty of water so that you are well hydrated (the Epsom salts will dehydrate you.)

8:00 pm - 1st Epsom Salts

Mix 5 ml (1 teaspoon) of Epsom salt into 200 ml (1 cup) of high quality apple juice. Stir thoroughly and drink back quickly. (You can drink this through a straw if it helps.) Follow this with a cup of plain water.

10:00 pm - 2nd Epsom Salts

Drink again the same as 8:00 pm -- Epsom salt and apple juice, and a cup of water.

12:00 Midnight - Drink Olive Oil

Be totally ready for bed around midnight. Put on your sleepwear and be ready to lie down after drinking the olive oil.

lemon lemon Preparing the Olive Oil
and Citrus Juice

Small - if you weigh less than 50 kg (110 lbs)

80 to 100 ml - organic extra-virgin olive oil
80 to 120 ml - freshly-squeezed grapefruit juice (1/2 cup)

Regular - if you weigh more than 50 kg (110 lbs)

120 ml - organic extra-virgin olive oil
120 to 140 ml - freshly-squeezed grapefruit juice (1/2 cup or more)

  • Replace grapefruit juice with lemon juice if you prefer the classic original taste.
  • The quantity of citrus juice is not so critical. It is a cleanser and also helps you swallow the oil.
  • Organic oil and citrus are always best for cleansing. If they are not obtainable in your area, choose the best quality available.

Note: You can replace Olive Oil with other cold pressed oil like: sunflower oil, coconut oil, walnut oil, almond oil, haselnut oil, cashew oil, peanut oil, grape seed oil, sesame seeds oil, hemp oil, flax seeds oil, or other natural plant oil.

Shake the oil and citrus juice together in a jar until frothy. Take a deep breath. Drink the mixture "briskly" or take sips over 5 to 10 minutes. Sipping this "salad dressing" through a straw is the easiest for many people. You may feel a little nauseous, which is natural. Breathe deeply!

If you are using lemon juice, it may be easier to sip each liquid separately, using the lemon juice as a chaser for the oil, as the two tend to form a gel when mixed which may be more challenging to swallow. Grapefruit juice doesn't usually gel in this way.

Brush your teeth well and head for bed. Don't clean up the kitchen.

It is important that you lie down immediately after taking the oil in order to release the most stones. Lie on your RIGHT side with your knees tucked if you can (fetal position). Stay still for at least 20 minutes before you change positions. You will likely hear a lot of gurgling "down there" which is a good sign that the oil is at work. Of course you can change positions during the night. Go to sleep and stay in bed as long as possible.

DAY TWO - Next morning

7 am (approx.) - 3rd Epsom Salts

Take a 3rd Epsom salt drink, a little stronger this time to get your bowels moving. Double the Epsom salt to 10 ml (2 teaspoons) in 200 ml of juice. Don't take this before 6:00 am. You can go back to bed.

You will have diarrhea sometime during the day after your flush. Do not plan on going anywhere. You can expect strong bowel movements until the early afternoon. The first bowel movement may be regular and the second may be dark green diarrhea. Each flush is a little different.

10 am - 4th Epsom Salts (optional)

Depending how you feel (if you have strong diarrhea then DON'T take the 4th dose of Epsom salts and juice). If your bowels aren't moving, you can take a 4th Epsom salt drink. (5 to 15 ml, depending on how your bowels are.)

*After following this regimen the first time you can adjust the amounts of Epsom salts to suit you. Everyone is different - some people like to take 15 ml (1 tbsp) of Epsom in each glass, but others only need half that amount. In my experience, you don't need all that Epsom salt.

12 Noon and later

You will likely feel weak during your cleanse. Just rest and do what you need to do to help your cleansing. Don't eat anything until you've had at least two to three bowel movements and you start to feel naturally hungry again. You may drink a little juice 15 minutes after you take your last Epsom salts in the morning. Then move to fruits or soup for a light lunch and solid food later in the day as your body begins to normalize. Continue with a light vegetarian diet for 24 hours after the cleanse to allow your body time to adjust and harmonize. You're done!

Epsom Salt or Traditional Style?

The traditional cleansing recipe, including one given by Edgar Cayce uses only apples, lemon juice and olive oil.

Adding Epsom salt (Magnesium Sulphate MgSO4) is a fast-acting modern method that quickly and effectively opens the liver's bile ducts. However for some people the Epsom salt may be too harsh on their digestion and smaller amounts may be advised or none at all. If your digestion is sensitive, start with a light amount of the salt or try doing the cleanse without it and use only apple juice and prune juice (see below).

The effect of Epsom Salt on the body is to dilate smooth muscle. This means it will dilate the bile duct, making it almost impossible for the stones to get stuck. Epsom Salt will also dilate the smooth muscles lining the digestive tract. This will cause a purging of all the things in the digestive tract. This helps to quickly eliminate the contents of the gallbladder when they are dumped. The Epsom Salt is the cause of the diarrhea. It will only last for a portion of the day. The diarrhea is a good thing as there will be toxins, stones and who knows what emptying into the digestive tract. The sooner these are out of the body, the better.

Prune Juice or Prune Extract

If you cannot obtain Epsom Salt from your pharmacy or decide not to use it, you can omit it entirely. Follow exactly the same regimen, but take plenty of apple juice for three to five days prior to your cleanse. Good results will still be evident.

You can also replace some of the laxative benefits of Epsom Salt with simple prune juice or prune extract. Drink a small cup of prune juice or take a dose of prune extract at the same times shown for Epsom salts above in the schedule. Take it once again in the morning when you awaken.

How many stones are normal?

You may not see any stones until your second or third bowel movement. Some may not appear until the next day. You may not notice the stones immediately, but the lighter non-calcified soft stones usually float. They can be large, blue green and "fuzzy" or they can be like small pebbles and anywhere from blue-green to tan in color. They are generally the consistency of semi-hard rubber. Heavier calcified stones usually sink.

If your gallbladder is full, you may only pass a few stones during the first flush. During a second flush you may see many stones right away and a third flush could bring out smaller stones and "grit". Everyone is different. Some people expel their largest stones immediately, some don't see large stones until their third or fourth flush.

Note: There is a lively ongoing debate on several forums regarding the actual composition of stones that are purged through this cleanse. The bottom line though, is how you feel and how your health improves after this cleansing protocol.

The collection option

A plastic colander can be placed in the toilet before use, then flushed with water from a bucket or pitcher to check the stones. Collect them into a jar to see their volume and size or freeze them to remind you of your cleanse. You may hesitate at this collection step, but it's easier to gage your progress during early cleanses by checking your stones.

Gallstones in colander

What happens during a cleanse?

Eating no oils or fats for 24 hours prior to the cleanse gives the gallbladder a chance to fill up with bile salts. Not eating after 2:00 pm will ensure that there is very little food in the digestive tract that still needs to be digested and absorbed. Having a full stomach when you do the cleanse can cause nausea. If the food has moved into the large intestine and has been completely digested and assimilated, you will have no problems at all.

Olive Oil and Citrus Juice

Oil and citrus juice stimulates the emptying of the full gallbladder. It will strongly contract as a reaction to all that oil, and because the bile duct is dilated, the stones and most of the contents of the gallbladder will empty into the small intestine. The lemon/grapefruit juice is alkalinizing and helps to cleanse and neutralize toxins that will be purged from the gallbladder. Lying on your right side puts a little more pressure on the gallbladder so you get a little stronger emptying of the contents. Lying down is especially important to get good results.

Gall Stones
Actual size of some larger stones

How often should I do a cleanse?

The Liver and Gall Bladder Flush is a painless, relatively easy preventative health care treatment for yourself that can extend your life through prevention of disease. From the first time, you will feel renewed energy and vitality. Five to six cleanses may be required to release most of your stones. You will not like the taste of oil for some time after each cleanse! Some people cleanse every month at the start. Your body will let you know when you are ready for the next session. As you continue, smaller stones will filter down from the liver. Don't stop until the stones become like sand. Continue with this flush at least once a year and enjoy your good health!

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CAUTION: Pregnant women and children should not fast.

CAUTION: Consult your health care provider before going on this fast especially if you have diabetes, heart disease, ulcerative colitis, or epilepsy; if you are under 18 or underweight; or if you are on medication.

CAUTION: If you suffer from chronic constipation or other bowel problems, you are advised to do bowel cleansing before this Liver and Gallbladder flush.

CAUTION: Be sure you are able to tolerate Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt) before you attempt this cleanse.

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Medical Disclaimer:

This alternative self-help treatment is not intended to diagnose any medical conditions or to replace the advice and treatment of your regular physician. Consult your doctor if pain or symptoms persist.

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